Natural Horsemanship

     The key in my horse training is communication through body language. This means that in addition to using body language for my horse to learn and interpret, I also have to interpret his actions and respond accordingly. I use as gentle an approach as I can to start, but I do increase the pressure if the horse doesn't give me a response. If he responds in a way that shows me he doesn't understand, then I go back a step or two to help him understand what I'm asking. In horse training, everyone loves to see results, but sometimes to achieve those results, we the trainers need to  be willing to take a step backward in order to move forward!

     My riding style is Western, therefore I don't train horses specifically in English events. I do, however, work with English style horses to help with problems they may be having. My desire is to teach each horse that I train, and that I also learn from them in the time that I work with them. 

    I am of the firm belief that training a horse for one month will not last their lifetime. The only way that the training I give them will be effective is if you, the owner, makes a commitment to continue doing what I have taught them. It is my goal to be able to show you and train you in what I've been teaching your horse, so that you will have the confidence to know how and when to train your horse.

     I don't believe in nor claim to be able to "talk to a horse" or understand what they are saying or thinking. I only observe their body language and attempt to the best of my ability to interpret their responses to my cues. 

     It is key for your horse to realize that he cannot come into your space unless he is invited. This will establish a level of respect that will result in your safety and improvement in his behavior. Your ability to move his feet will make an incredible difference. 

     Here at the barn we are always learning new things about training horses and oftentimes, these things come from the horses that I'm training! I don't claim to have all the answers to horse behavioral problems, but I do promise to do everything that I can to improve the communication of body language between you and your horse! The most important thing is that you take the time to feel your horse.

     We would be honored to work with both you and your horse and would be very please to meet you! Please contact me below if you decide that you would like to bring your horse here to Dream Rose Stables to receive training for both you and your horse! 


1 month of training (4 weeks) includes a stall with pasture turn-out. 

The price is $700 for the first month and $600 for every month after the initial one. 

The stall is included in the price as I do a good amount of training in the stall as well and it gives your horse time to rest and eat throughout the training process. 


We would love to be able to work with you and your horse!

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