“When I relocated to South Carolina for work I was very fortunate to find Dream Rose Stables to continue my lifelong passion of horseback riding. I started out taking lessons with Lauren and about two years later she helped me find my dream horse, Clancy, who I continue to pasture board at Dream Rose Stables. Lauren’s horsemanship is spectacular and her training has helped me grow so much as a rider through the use of soft aids and mutual respect with the horse. In addition, all the horses at Dream Rose Stables are extremely well taken care of and have a never ending supply of green grass to nibble on. Whether I am out at the barn for a ride, a bonfire, or just to have some bonding time with my horse, time at Dream Rose Stables never fails to brighten my day! “

Julie Bankert, Horse Boarder

"I have boarded my horse Durango at Dream Rose Stables for over two years and could not be happier! The care and attention that Durango gets at Dream Rose Stables is exceptional! He is a pasture boarder and has thrived being at Dream Rose Stables. There are 69 acres of fenced pasture, open fields and trails that we enjoy exploring very much! Lauren is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the care she gives Durango and the other horses that call Dream Rose Stables home. The facilities are top notch and as stated before, I couldn't be happier having Durango at Dream Rose Stables."


"Dream Rose has beautiful grounds, friendly faces, and very happy horse mommas! We love our horses and friends made while there. Being able to pop in for a horse hug or afternoon ride on the property trails with great friends is a Godsend! Our horses are cared for and loved as if they're  Lauren's. No more 4 am wake ups to feed or water, they are expertly cared for! My little slice of heaven right down the road! "


I ran my own horse boarding business for 25 years and decided that Dream Rose Stables was the place to bring my horses after moving away from my business. I own three horses, which at times require special care due to age. Their care includes medications and specialized turn-out.  These are performed for my ponies on a daily basis at their new barn. Lauren was very willing to work with me on some stall modifications that included run-ins for my horses as well. It turned out to be a very smooth and relatively quick process. My ponies are very happy and content in their new home and I feel like I can leave the barn knowing they are in good, caring hands.


"I absolutely love the environment at Dream Rose!! I love the people, the horses, and the experience in general. I call it the little patch of heaven. Whenever I'm out there, I'm so relaxed and can enjoy riding the way it's supposed to be done. Thank you Dream Rose!!!"


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